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Measure in real-world wins

Do more than design and build incredible products. Help ship them, too. Because for us, work is only as good as its impact in the wild. We believe the magic happens when thoughtful collaboration and unparalleled expertise come together to turn great ideas into great products.
“There are tons of learning opportunities with the variety of projects that we get to work on. The work ranges from early day startup ideas to new initiatives for established enterprises.”
Venus, Design Lead in Canada

Work from home, or from wherever you want

We hire based on talent, not time zone, so your schedule is up to you. As long as you respect the team and deliver great work, we don't care how, where, or when you get it done.

We’re proud of our global perspective, but it takes more than our earnest Canadian intentions to create an inclusive environment. So we’re working hard to remove unconscious biases and stay honest about how we can do better.
“Everyone is so friendly and really cares about each other. There is a real desire to share, learn, and help. From my first call I was shocked by how kind people were, and to this day I am still amazed.”
Sam, Designer in France

It’s all about the people

awesome mtl employees
MetaLab employees
“One of the most enjoyable parts of working at MetaLab is getting to experience a variety of projects, working styles, and teams.”
Thales, Developer in Brazil
MetaLab employees
MetaLab employee
MetaLab employee
MetaLab employee
“I’ve learned more here in one year than I could’ve ever imagined. And my teammates are a straight-up joy."
Margaret, Researcher in Canada
MetaLab employee

Work/life, balanced

Unlimited vacation
No, really
Parental leave & family support
For the ever-growing MetaFam
Fitness & equipment fund
To feel your best, both online and off
Health & dental coverage
To take care of you and yours
Learning & development time
Because life is about new challenges...
Retirement plans
...And eventually about not working
Flexible hours & location
For a schedule that’s one-size-fits-you
Dog-friendly offices
Because pups make everything better
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