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At MetaLab, you’ll work with a team of collaborative problem-solvers who are funny, thoughtful, and extremely talented. You’ll also work with hand-picked clients who understand the creative process that goes into the absolute best work.

Put everyone together, and you get a stress-free, ego-less workplace where amazing things get done every day, and everyone gives a damn. Just the way it should be.

Everything you need to be at your best

  • Get treated right

    We understand that the best ideas and the most refined work gets done in a respectful and collaborative environment. There’s no room for negativity and idea-bashing here. No assholes allowed.

  • Keep learning forever

    We hold lunch & learns, team summits, and tons of other stuff to ensure that we’re always learning from one another. Oh, and there’s always drinks and snacks in the fridge for impromptu lessons.

  • An amazing environment

    Located right in the heart of Victoria, we’ve designed the space ourselves to be the ideal spot to have meetings, start discussions, and get your work done comfortably.

  • The best team in the biz

    We’ve built a world-class team of tech professionals, all driven to deliver the best products to our clients. We love what we do. All of our moms think we’re pretty cool, as do these guys.

And, of course, fantastic perks

  • Complete Autonomy
    Feel free to work whichever hours suit you best. We aren't paying attention to when you're at the office, and we don't care who stays at their desk the latest. Seriously.
  • Unlimited vacation time
    We really don't want you to work yourself into a stupor, so take vacation time whenever you need it. All we ask is that you come back fresh and ready to do your best work.
  • Remote friendly
    Work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Want to go live in Thailand? Ok. Want to work full-time while you travel around Europe? Sure. Send us a postcard.
  • Excellent benefits
    Our generous benefit package covers everything from dental to massages. You shouldn't spend any time worrying about essential medical costs. It's covered.

Job Opportunities

Exciting times are upon us here at MetaLab. Come join us in creating a team of amazing and exceptional people, helping the world’s top companies build amazing and exceptional products.

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