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Two platforms. Endless possibilities.

The brief

Google's open source framework, AMP, aims to enable the creation of websites that are lightning fast, beautiful and high-performing across all devices.

While Google initially launched AMP in early 2016, they wanted to better showcase its capabilities and how content creators could use it to bring the web to life.

That's where we came in. We joined forces with The AMP Project to inspire publishers, break misconceptions and completely redefine what’s possible in the open-source framework.

“We came to MetaLab to push the boundaries of what’s possible when using AMP. We’re thrilled that they ran with this idea and created beautiful, highly interactive sites for us.”
Matt Ludwig
AMP Project Marketing Manager

Bringing in some depth

We even played with an immersive VR version for consideration. Try it out on your phone here.

Traveling on AMP

It was important to prove AMP can handle more commonly used and complex sites. Users across the web are browsing, shopping, and searching 24/7. What better way to showcase AMP can improve all of those activities than pretending you’re booking your next trip.

Pushing the limits

In building an example travel booking engine, we allowed users to search by destination, filter by activities, and find things dynamically; all while maintaining the speed and performance AMP is known for. By sweating the details on this one with micro-animations and moments of delight, we were able to push things even further in the open-source initiative.

Responsive site, happy life

We wanted to take the time to ensure that the responsiveness AMP can handle is made clear to mobile audiences. Our design and engineering teams ensured each page can be loaded on any screen size while still looking & feeling great.

The Results

Both the AMP Project and MetaLab teams are excited at the possibilities we’re introducing to the world with what AMP can do. Ready to create your own site using AMP? These templates are now part of a growing family and completely free to use at

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