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The ask

Our first impulse after a grand adventure is to share our experiences to our friends, loved ones, and communities.

However, the reality is after the trip, there are a thousand photos (and/or videos) that will never make it out of the camera roll. Most likely a few will be edited, filtered in Instagram, and shared on social media.


What is shared is mere sliver of a breadth of unique experiences that we don’t always get to communicate in full.

With Trips, one could easily turn their travel photos and videos into visual stories, accompanied with contextual information from each trip that can be shared with friends, family, and the Lonely Planet community.

Make it a visual experience

What’s great about Trips is that it does the heavy-lifting. Creating a trip is as easy as selecting photos and videos, which are automatically organized by location. Formatting is already figured out, but you can choose to add more details to the story.

October 20, 2016
October 19, 2016
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Never start from scratch

Trips creates a layout so you’re never starting from scratch. It arranges your media according to time and location, renders it on a map and shows photos and videos chronologically. As a trip is created, you get a good sense of what it would look like.

Even if you’re not compelled to add any written narrative to the story, it can still be shared as a photo-epic. The layout itself is beautiful—it really makes telling people about the trip a very visual experience.

Spread travel inspiration

Travel is not just the adventure but also about dialogue. Looking at all these beautiful photos, others can imagine themselves having the same experiences and feel inspired to start planning their own adventure.

These trips can also be a reference for the next adventure, as they tap on the “Discover” tab to see the the different categories with content that aligns with their own interests or upcoming travel plans.

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Set the stage for beautiful, compelling trips

With Trips, people feel they are invited to come along and create their own trips alongside the best team of travel writers and photographers at Lonely Planet.

There are tons of trips to discover in the “Adventures” tab. When a specific trip piques your interest and the travel style resonates with your own, it feels relatable and genuine.

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