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The Brief

Notarizing documents used to be a stressful process that chewed up precious time. Notary publics aren't available in every neighbourhood and their office hours can be frustratingly short. That all changed when we worked with our client to create Notarize, the online notary service that's open 24/7 and legal in every state.

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A reaction to an antiquated process

Notarize was the brainchild of Pat Kinsel, an entrepreneur and Boston venture capitalist. An avid skier, Pat shattered his knee on a ski hill. It took 16 pins to hold his knee together. After the surgery, Pat was immobilized for weeks at home. The timing was terrible because he had to get a ton of paperwork notarized and it was brutally hard to find a notary office that was open and near his home.

The notaries didn't make house calls, either. But then Pat discovered Virginia had passed a regulation that made remote notarizations possible with video calls. Pat stopped fuming and started scheming.

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Making notarization easy and faster

Pat came to us with the perfect idea at the perfect time. Our mission: transform an outdated, brick and mortar service that had been around since the 1800s, and move it all online. We had to make it all digital, no paperwork, and allow users to get a legally notarized document in minutes, instead of hours and days.

So we created a super simple user experience that made notarizing as easy as ordering an Uber or getting a meal delivered by Postmates.

Notarize is fast, easy, 100% legal, and the entire call is automatically recorded on video. Start to finish, it's a much better experience than the traditional in-office visit.

Notaries can sign on any time of day. Instead of paying for a separate office, they can now work from home and work any hours they like - even overnight. No matter what timezone you're in, you can get your document notarized 24/7. Your records are locked in a private digital database, too, so you can check them anytime.

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We expanded Notarize to the web and SMBs

Our first mission was to build a consumer iOS app. Next we replicated Notarize as a web product that lets customers connect with notaries on desktop. Then we built a remote notarizing product for small to medium-sized businesses.

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The Final Piece of the Digital Mortgage Puzzle

Companies like mortgage brokers and realtors need to notarize a lot of private documents. Notarization is the only step in the digital mortgage process that had to be taken offline, causing frustrating delays. We worked with Notarize to expand their offering for the mortgage industry, allowing homebuyers to quickly get their documents stamped and securely signed, all from the side of their desk.

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