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The Brief

From Palmer Luckey’s garage to Facebook HQ in under two years, Oculus VR has been a tidal wave in the tech industry. Today, Oculus pioneers some of the most innovative technologies the world has ever seen, earning its reputation as a leader in virtual reality and immersive storytelling.

Originally conceived as a virtual reality headset for gamers by gamers, a 2014 acquisition by Facebook opened the door to expand into new products and new verticals. Knowing we’d worked with members of the Facebook family before, Oculus approached us to design a marketing site to tell the story of Story Studio, a new VR hub slated to debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

The catch? We had four weeks to take the project from dream to done.

story studio

Tell It. Show It. Feel It.

Story Studio celebrates the innovative, creative work that takes place inside Oculus. The group is made up of heavyweight film and game makers, all keen to use virtual reality to reimagine the art and act of storytelling. Together, they’ve produced interactive projects, enchanting feature films, and Quill—a hero app transforming the world as we know it into an infinitely scalable VR canvas.

The team and their work have captivated a global audience, making headlines at Wired, The Verge, the Los Angeles Times, and Variety. However, their trailblazing spirit was not fully captured on the previous marketing site, a one-pager lacking the depth and energy Oculus is known for.

So we set out to change that.


The Whole Picture

Taking inspiration from Oculus’s philosophy, we designed a marketing site that immerses users in Story Studio’s products, ideas, and press. Each of the business’s three feature films—Henry, Dear Angelica, and Lost—feature prominently above the fold, giving users the choice to view a film’s trailer or head behind the scenes for an in-depth treatment of storyline, technique, and more.

After receiving Oculus’s stamp of approval on our responsive wireframes, we moved into hi-fi design. Bold, colourful imagery and clean typography keeps Story Studio inline with the Oculus brand, and a simple navigation makes browsing through blog posts, media mentions, and product demos an easy, effortless experience.

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