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Team communication for the 21st century

The Spark

The brainchild of Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, Slack has risen to become the web's most popular corporate chat client.

In a crowded space and seemingly saturated market, Slack has become a cult hit. It's beloved for its gorgeous, bubbly interface and tons of delightful little interactions throughout the app.

Product mobile designs

We were there from the start. Stewart and his team came to us when Slack was a rough, unstyled prototype, and we worked with them to design the app from the ground up. The brand, the web app, the mobile app, and even the marketing site—the works.

Product desktop app designs

Desktop App UI Elements

How we stood out
from the crowd

Slack feels different

We strived to add chock full of fun litte interactions to the product. The logo animates in a burst of colors as it loads; modals slide down from the top of the screen; changing teams flips the screen around like a deck of cards.

We gave it the color scheme of a video game, not an enterprise collaboration product. - Slack's $2.8 Billion Dollar Secret Sauce

Throughout the entire product, everything seems to playfully jump around and pop off the screen. Each of these interactions is designed not only to help the user understand what's going on, but put a little smile on their face.

Slack sounds different

In Slack, every piece of copy is an opportunity to be playful. Where a competitor might just have a loading spinner, Slack has quirky quotes like, “Need to whip up a dessert in a hurry? Dump a bag of Oreos on the floor and eat the Oreos off the floor like an animal.” A strange little injection of fun into an otherwise boring workday.

Slack acts like your wise-cracking robot sidekick, instead of the boring enterprise chat tool it would otherwise be. Like Interstellar's TARS, compared to 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL9000.

UI component designs

Looking ahead since we started


We worked with Slack team to launch something engaging and beautiful leading to a funding round of $43 million.


The design and features Slack was known for propelled it to become the fastest growing business application ever at a current valuation of over $5 billion.

Never before have we witnessed so much user love for an enterprise software platform.
John Doerr
General Partner of KPCB

Pat Kinsel

Founder of Notarize

So impressed by the work of @metalab especially on Slack

Paul Carvill

Tech Lead at Google

Great read by MetaLab, the design team behind Slack, on what makes it stand out from its competitors…

Andrew M. Todd

Lead Designer at Flixel

Only a few minutes into it, but @slackhq feels good. Great work @metalab

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