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The security-conscious experts at Anonyome Labs have strong feelings about your personal information; namely, that it’s none of their business — or anyone else’s. They believe you shouldn’t have to give up private data in order to navigate your online and offline world. Anonyome had a mission, but they sought out a strategic digital product partner.

Together, we explored the moments where exposing personal information can feel risky, irritating and downright unnecessary. If you’ve ever had a sketchy Craigslist meeting, or been flooded by golf ads in your browser after researching new putters, you know first-hand why safety, control and privacy are more important than ever before.

Market need meets opportunity

We learned that people feel most vulnerable when they shop, search, socialize and sell online, or when they use data-driven web platforms to support real-life activities (like going on a date). There were online tools for anonymous web surfing and temporary phone number generators, but no one had created a smart, end-to-end digital privacy product and platform. That’s where Sudo comes in.



Exposing your real credit card info can be risky (and the promotional spam is annoying)

Make secure payments when you shop online


Sharing your real
 phone number isn’t always the right call

Get an alternate phone line and email address for special purposes


Browsers can secretly watch / record your online activities and send intrusive pop-up ads

Access a secure browser that protects you from online threats, targeted and unwanted ads


Catch 22: How do you communicate with
 buyers and maintain your privacy?

Use a centralized hub to keep track of anonymous inquiries

Sudo generates hack-proof digital identities that include a name, photo, email address and global phone number you can use to call, text, email or browse online with total control and privacy. Sudo will be able to randomize credit card information for safe online shopping and financial transactions. There’s a strict separation between personal data and your Sudo identities — and even Sudo can’t make the link thanks to encryption keys that reside on user devices, not company servers.

Let’s recap: Sudo eliminates the risk of exposing your real credit card details while you’re shopping online (and getting those annoying spam emails). When you’re socializing, Sudo can serve up alternate phone lines and email addresses for special purposes. If you’re concerned about browsers recording your online activities, not to mention all those irritating pop-up ads that mirror your searches, Sudo protects you from digital threats. Selling stuff online but don’t want to be tracked by buyers? Sudo provides a centralized hub where you can manage anonymous inquiries and prospective buyers.

Digital privacy that feels playful

Sudo is simple and incredibly easy to use, despite the complex technology required to create a seamless experience. It’s light and airy, too, with a friendly, clean design that builds trust. Sudo is a serious product, but it feels fun to use. Just create a new identity anytime you need a digital “stand in” — whether you’re ordering an Uber, bidding on eBay, or signing up for an email newsletter.

  • Switch Identities

    Sudo supports multiple identities so you can have a different set of phone number and email address for any purpose and you can switch between them quickly.

  • Threads

    Call or Text anyone from your Sudo number, there’s full support for images and video messaging. You can also use safe, custom and flexible emails.

  • Contacts

    Easily add and create new contacts, or sync them from your existing phone contact list. Use it as a centralized hub to keep track of anonymous inquiries.

  • Browser

    Safe, private and customized browser blocks unwanted ads and tracking. Easily save your favorite websites for easy access for each Sudo identity.

  • SudoPay - Coming Soon

    Submit payments on the fly using secured, disposable virtual credit cards connected to your Apple Pay. Never expose your personal credit card and details — while keeping purchases anonymous.

Sure, Sudo is full of powerful features, but the personalized communication hub ensures it’s never overwhelming. Check calls, texts, MMS, emails and voicemails associated with any identity or activity, and then get on with your day. That’s also why we created the marketing site to focus on the cool stuff you can do with Sudo — not the hardcore security architecture it’s built on. Sudo launched with special live events in cities worldwide and a social media campaign that’s actually social. After all, friends don’t let friends go online without Sudo.

We have big plans for Sudo. The product roadmap includes automated, single-use virtual credit cards, scenario-based personas for common online activities (such as selling your car), and more functions that will empower people with the control to protect their personal information and privacy — without pulling the plug and escaping to a cabin in the woods.